Cutting the glass to fit your specifications is the first step in fulfilling your order. We use an automated, precision-cutting machine to ensure we attain the right shape and minimise waste. Our largest sheets measure 6Mx3.21M and can be cut into standard or custom shapes.


Depending on your needs and requirements, we can provide you with different edging glass solutions. We can also create clean cut edges, seamed edges, flat ground edges, flat polished edges, mitred edges, and even decorative edges.

Heat Treatment

The process of producing tempered glass involves heating annealed glass till it softens and then quickly cooling it. Known as heat treatment, this procedure strengthens glass instantly, making it up to four times more durable than normal glass. Tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass due to its minimal risk of injury during breakage.

Processing Facilities

Through the use of computerised equipment, we are able to process glass that meets your precise requirements. During the fabrication process, holes, notches, cut-outs and polishing are all executed with minimal interruption to ensure that the final product is an exact match to your template.


Depending on the insulation properties required for your glass, we will use all available techniques such as laminating, tinting, coating, spacers, plugs and gas, to ensure that the glass works to its full thermal potential.


Sandblasting is extremely versatile and allows you to personalise your glass, so if you are after a logo on a conference room door or shading on a shower door, sandblasting is the solution for you. We offer complete sandblasting solutions including style recommendations, designing, and protective seal preparations.